Are your teeth stained or discolored? Do you feel like your smile is dull in comparison to friends or members of your family? If your answer is yes to either of these questions, then you are not alone.

Teeth whitening is considered one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments because having a beautiful, whiter smile can make a difference in self confidence and in how others perceive you. We understand how great a beautiful white smile can be, and we are able to help our patients whiten teeth professionally–from the comfort of our office or using a take home whitening method.

We provide a number of different tooth bleaching options to help whiten teeth.

Our teeth whitening options include:

Day White | With Day White’s advanced teeth whitening formula, your teeth can be whitened safely and effectively. Day White uses a flavored gel that is applied at home with a custom fitted tooth bleaching tray. Many take home methods to whiten teeth require as long as eight hours to work, however Day White requires you to just use it for thirty minutes, twice a day.

Nite White | Nite White is a thick, peppermint flavored whitening cream that is used in a teeth whitening tray while you sleep. Nite White is a convenient way to maximize teeth whitening, and in as little as one week your teeth can be whiter and more brilliant than ever.


Zoom! Advanced Power | In our office we can professionally whiten teeth using Zoom! Advanced Power. Zoom! Advanced Power is a safe and very effective method to get a brighter and more dazzling smile than ever before. This tooth bleaching procedure takes approximately one and a half hours from beginning to end over a period of two appointments. Zoom whitening can brighten teeth up to eight shades whiter during treatment.

Zoom! Pen | Zoom! Pen is another great way to whiten your teeth on your schedule. This system uses a click-pen like applicator that brushes a special whitening formula directly onto your tooth. Zoom! Pen has 30 applications and will give you maximum results with brushing it on just once a day.